Community RE Creation With Video Improv

Many communities have thriving amateur theatres.  Local enthusiasts enjoy volunteering to act and direct and stage manage.  The people in West Hants and Kings County Nova Scotia enjoy several thriving community theatre initiatives.  There’s Centre Stage in Kentville, The Stage Prophets, Women of Wolfville, Edaline Theatre, Quick As A Wink in Windsor, Broken Leg Theatre, Dead Sheep Scrolls and The Valley Ghost Walks.  This community is overflowing with Dramatic Art.

Why not also have community cinema?  Especially now when technology is so affordable and accessible.  Read this story about  A movie that was shot entirely with an iPhone 5s.  It is called Tangerine.    READ

Here is a series that was improvised over four Saturdays in the Village of Canning, Nova Scotia.  All the people had was a home video camera, guidance from Movie Games, and the commitment to meet up and play with each other.   They were in fact the very first video improv team. As you can see from this sample, everyone had a lot of fun and some of the local businesses in Canning got in on the fun by allowing the team to play in their locations.   It truly is a great way to include people and build community together in a light hearted way.


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