Improvising Is Natural

Every conversation is improvised.  Nobody in real life works from a script.

And yet we all manage to do a lot of good things together because we know the ground rules of mutual respect, listening and taking turns.

Video Improv is a fun way to practice working collaboratively in small groups.  It opens new ways to perceive ourselves, each other and the community we live in.

Here is a group of people  talking about their experience of Video Improv in the context of ending gender violence..

Video Improv For Happy Communities

Barry Braun is the host of the Happy Community Radio Show on  FM 97.5 Radio in Halifax, Nova Scotia.   He is actively looking for ways to help people build happier, more engaged, prosperous communities…   So he invited Kimberly Smith to talk about his career in the Nova Scotia Film Industry and a short history of how he developed Video Improv as an inclusive community building strategy. You can listen to their conversation on Soundcloud.  Click Here:  Podcast

Learn more about the  Happy Communities Project.  Click Here: Happy

Kimberly Smith is available to facilitate a Video Improv workshop in your community.   Get in touch to find out how to book him.   Click Here:  Contact

Video Improv Workshop at Kollektiv X

Kimberly Smith will be introducing Video Improv to a whole new group of collaborative communicators and citizen journalists as part of the Kollektiv X.

The bi-annual electronic music and art gathering known as Kollektiv is celebrating its 10th edition with an event like no other in Atlantic Canada. Join us as we celebrate this milestone under the stars and around the fires at the beautiful Oasis in Middleton NS.    Check it out on Facebook.

Learn how to use your cell phone to create video content in an engaging, playful way. Teams of five share one camera by passing it from person to person to create short edit in camera videos then play them back immediately. It is a social, physical way to play with smartphones and re humanize the craft of cinema. It is also about developing environmental consciousness, self awareness and visual story sharing skills.


Community RE Creation With Video Improv

Many communities have thriving amateur theatres.  Local enthusiasts enjoy volunteering to act and direct and stage manage.  The people in West Hants and Kings County Nova Scotia enjoy several thriving community theatre initiatives.  There’s Centre Stage in Kentville, The Stage Prophets, Women of Wolfville, Edaline Theatre, Quick As A Wink in Windsor, Broken Leg Theatre, Dead Sheep Scrolls and The Valley Ghost Walks.  This community is overflowing with Dramatic Art.

Why not also have community cinema?  Especially now when technology is so affordable and accessible.  Read this story about  A movie that was shot entirely with an iPhone 5s.  It is called Tangerine.    READ

Here is a series that was improvised over four Saturdays in the Village of Canning, Nova Scotia.  All the people had was a home video camera, guidance from Movie Games, and the commitment to meet up and play with each other.   They were in fact the very first video improv team. As you can see from this sample, everyone had a lot of fun and some of the local businesses in Canning got in on the fun by allowing the team to play in their locations.   It truly is a great way to include people and build community together in a light hearted way.


Video Improv Workshops!

Video Improv is a challenging creative team sport that is fun to play and fun to watch.

Imagine having video improv teams in high schools, towns and villages across Nova Scotia and beyond. Think about learning this sport and coaching a team in your community.
You can do all activities with your home video camera or video equipped smart phone. There are different kinds of Movie Games for Video Improv teams to play. Learn more HERE

Workshops are scheduled for Canning, Shelburne and Kentville. Please write if you would like to arrange a workshop in your community. Click WRITE

Canning Library, Saturday, July 25, 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Osprey Arts Centre, Shelburne Film Camp, Tuesday, July 20. Call 902-875-2359 to learn more.
Read this article in the Shelburne County Coast Guard… READ